When it comes to delayed flights, it's not a question of if, but when!

Why ask for compensation with a company instead of doing it yourself?

We often read about why people use the services of companies specializing in obtaining compensation and damages. This supposedly amounts to throwing money away, since anyone can request it themselves, obtain their own compensation, and share none of it. We even say the following post on our Facebook page from a person who has never been our customer: "I don't recommend paying companies 25% for your delayed flight!!! We communicated with Travel Servis for 4 months, hundreds of phone calls, emails, and nothing happened, only once we reported it to the media did a result come, and it is definitely worth it, fight it out on your own, hang in there, it is worth it". Paradoxically, this post actually describes the reason why...

Yes, anyone can request compensation. And quite honestly, we give all of them our full-throated encouragement! Nonetheless, it is a fact that only approx. 5 to 10% of customers actually enforce their claims. All the rest either give up, or the airline fends them off with the communication that this was an extraordinary circumstance. It is for this very reason, so that you can invest your time elsewhere, so that you don't have to spend months communicating with the airline, suffering hundreds of phone calls and emails... That's why we're here. For this reason we have a legal representative for you, for this reason we have purchased a flight database so that we know what happened where.

So to the question: "Why ask for compensation with a company instead of doing it yourself?"

The answer is: "Because compared to a 5 to 10% success rate for people on their own, we have a success rate of 95%"

On your own

exhausting and small chance for success

minimal costs

without detailed
information about flight
it is unclear what the
chances are for success

success rate only 5-10%


no legal support


fast and simple

fast, simple, and effortless

success rate 95%

you pay only if successful

experienced legal representative

all information about flights

submitting a request only lasts a few minutes

verify flight

Legal help

expensive and unclear

without detailed information
about flight it is unclear what the chances are
for success


highly costly



Dnes mi přišla finanční kompenzace v maximální výši. Ještě jednou moc děkuji a vřele vás všem doporučím!

Kateřina Vučkovska

Děkuji za kladné vyřízení naší reklamace zpoždění letu, i když to vypadalo beznadějně. Pro Váš tým to beznadějné nebylo.

Romana Šímová

Super rychlá komunikace, vše kvalitně popsáno.. díky Vám máme max. možnou částku za zrušený let, vyřízení bylo ani ne do měsíce.
Proste parada, mohu doporucit kazdemu ... 

Lukáš Vítek

Two months ago I didn't believe airlines would bother with my claim. Nowadays I am receiving 250 EUR on my bank account! Thank you ClaimCloud! Easy, Fast, Successful.

Adam Lebeda

Velice děkujeme této společnosti za perfektní vyřízení reklamace našeho zpožděného letu. Výše částky, která nám byla vyplacena nás mile překvapila. 100% doporučujeme.

Daniela Hagarová

Ještě jednou velmi děkuji za pomoc :-) Reklamace byla úspěšně po 2 měsících vyřízena. Komunikace na skvělé úrovni. Pokud budete chtít reklamovat letenku, určitě doporučuji přes tuto společnost!

Leona Cinerová

Dobrý den, i já se připojuji s pochvalou za úspěšné vyřízení reklamace za zpožděný let a nejen do nového roku přeji hodně úspěchů a pevné nervy u dalších reklamací. Díky.

David Lička

Velké poděkování týmu ClaimCloud za perfektní vyřízení naší reklamace zpožděného letu. Kompenzace v maximální možné výši je na našem účtu. Jupííííí. Díky:)

Pavlína Perháčová 

Děkuji moc za kladné vyřízení mého letu do Paříže, kde jsme byli nuceni letět přes Ženevu.

Pavel Kůla

Děkuji za rychlé a kladné vyřízení reklamace zpožděného letu, kvůli kterému jsme nestihli let navazující. Profesionální přístup a okamžité zaslání kompenzace.

Lenka Hrbáčová

Ďakujeme veľmi pekne za pomoc, bez komplikácii a promptné riešenie. Skvelé služby, zatiaľ spokojnosť. Odporúčam.

Filip Fipo Klimko

Not convinced? See for yourself

ClaimCloud service is operated by SkyCloud s.r.o. This company was founded for the purpose of helping passengers in air travel obtain compensation from airlines for delayed flights, cancelled flights, missed connections, refused boarding, downgraded travel class, or problems with luggage (delayed, damaged, or lost luggage). The company is based in the Czech Republic. That way you know who stands behind the company and you always have somewhere to turn. Which is not the case for similar companies operating as a rule on the internet...

For maximum success we have purchased proprietary databases with detailed information about the actual progress of flights and a detailed summary of the situation at the airport. We have joined forces with legal capacities for the highest degree of success and the option of resolving any case before the courts if necessary. We have created a customer portal and processes to make things as easy and understandable as possible for our clients.

We currently offer the most advanced services on the market, dealing with flights all over the world. In the same way, we handle issues with luggage for any flight and with any airline. We are unafraid to face any air carrier anywhere in the world, if our client is in the right and supported by the given legislation. Our services are used both by individual travellers and by companies, in the Czech and Slovak Republics and beyond.

lightbulb The idea for the ClaimCloud service came from personal experience with filing claims for a flight that did not take place in accordance with the conditions stated at the time tickets were purchased. The difficulty and time spent negotiating for compensation that followed, caused by the unwillingness of the air carrier to compensate what was an indisputable claim, led to the idea of founding a company and a service that would help similarly affected customers who paid for services that they ultimately did not receive at the desired quality.

We can offer you

Risk-free services – Our services are based on the principle of "NO WIN = NO FEE". This means that in cases when it isn't possible to win any compensation or reimbursement of costs, the client pays nothing despite whatever efforts we have made. This applies even in the event of a court hearing. We have no hidden fees or surcharges. This principle motivates us both to obtain the compensation itself, but also to obtain the maximum possible amount of compensation. With this approach the client risks nothing, and can only gain...

world-map Global scope – Compared to similar services on the market, we deal not only with flights within the European Union, but we handle the whole world! Even in other locations throughout the world, there are forms of possible compensation that fall under either the legislation of the country or the business conditions of the airline. We usually obtain compensation for flights outside the EU in Turkey, Israel, China, and many other countries. We draw no distinctions over where compensation is easier to obtain. The objective for us is a satisfied client, and we do everything to protect the rights of our clients and win compensation for them.

Most complex services on the market – apart from our focus on obtaining compensation for improperly conducted flights including delayed flights, cancelled flights, missed connections, reduced travel class, or refused boarding, we also offer other services dealing with air tickets. These include, for example, reimbursement of the cost of a ticket in the event the flight is not used, resolving cancellation of tickets (if possible given the business conditions of the seller), or obtaining reimbursement for additional services ordered but not received from the air carrier. We can also help with luggage by obtaining compensation for damaged, delayed, or lost luggage as part of the Montreal Convention for any air carrier in the world. We are one of few companies on the market to offer such a complex range of services.

star star Refer and Earn rewards program – We are one of few companies who also offer the option of rewarding our customers for referrals. With us you automatically receive up to 14.9 EUR for each person you refer to us whose flight is successfully compensated. This reward is easy for us to part with. That means that if you recommend 100x customers, you will receive 100x your reward for successful compensations. We are glad for you to see that our clients are satisfied with our services, and even recommend us to others. We love to share our rewards...

Customer Section

We do not rely on partial information send via email or SMS. We offer you a Customer Section where you can view the status of your request at any time. That way you can always know what's happening with your case or whether all necessary information has been entered.

Mobile application

We offer you a mobile app (iOS) that allows you to request compensation and check the status of your claim for an improperly conducted flight right at the airport. That way you don't have to wait for access to a computer, but can enter your request comfortably during your trip.

Future flight service

Why wait until something happens to you, then check whether you've incurred a claim for compensation? With us you can even enter an upcoming flight into our form and we will keep track of it for you. If we see that the flight meets the conditions for compensation, we will notify you immediately and recommend next actions

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