It’s simple. All you have to do is enter your flight date and number, then complete a simple form and we will contact you immediately to inform you whether or not you are entitled to potential compensation.
To put it simply, because we have a dramatically greater chance of success. It happens to us very often that we are contacted by customers who tried to obtain compensation on their own and either were not successful or, worse yet, never so much as received a response from the airline. Unfortunately, the airline generally tries to avoid paying compensation at all costs. For our part, we have the knowledge, the access to flight databases with regular flight reports, and the legal team that knows how to explain to airlines how things are going to be. This has helped us achieve success rates approaching 100% in cases where a claim for compensation is present.
Simply sign the power of attorney we send you, so that we can represent you, and that‘s it. We’ll let you know if the airline requests other documentation.
This can’t be defined exactly, as everything depends on the airline we are working with. We have cases which were resolved in a matter of days, but we also have cases which we have been working on for more than 4 months. Nonetheless, the majority of cases are closed within 90 days. You always have a summary of the process of resolving cases either via email or on our website in the Customer Section.
Yes, it certainly is. Our company has access to the register of flights and we can therefore reliably verify whether a claim exists or not. What‘s more, over time the legislation covering delayed/cancelled flights has gotten more specific, and that means that we have even opened cases that were closed in the past. We therefore recommend checking your flight using our form and we will verify it.
According to Czech legislation, cases can be opened for as far back as 3 years.
If the flight is subject to EU regulations, it doesn‘t matter how much the ticket cost. There are clearly specified conditions for which compensation can be obtained regardless of the price of the ticket or the number of persons.
Yes, you can. If your friends don‘t wish to address the issue on an individual basis, we will communicate with you. What we need, however, are the completed power of attorney from all participants in the flight.
Successful compensation depends on whether the flight is subject to some kind of regulations - or under provisions the airline must respect. If it doesn‘t, this depends solely on the benevolence of the airline. In the world at present EU regulations apply and certain countries establish the amount of compensation for a given territory (for example, federal law for the territory of the USA). One way or another, the circumstances of the flight are important for successful compensation, that is, whether or not the airline could have prevented the circumstances and the length of the flight or its delay.
Yes, this is an area we plan to focus on in the near future. Aside from lost luggage, we will also handle destroyed or lost items from inside the luggage. If you’re having problems with luggage, write us an email at info@claimcloud.cz and we will contact you immediately. In the near future we will be adding a separate section that will deal with luggage and will contain all information in detail.
That’s entirely up to you. Our company sends the equivalent of the compensated amount in Czech crowns or in the currency your bank account is set up to receive, according to the official exchange rate of the Czech National Bank. If you wish to receive compensation in the currency in which it was paid, this is no problem either. It is only necessary that a bank account number has been entered in our Customer Section that is administered in the given currency.
EU regulations apply to all flights that have taken place in European Union countries, as well as flights that were planned to depart from certain European Union countries or flights that are operated by airlines whose registered offices are in the territory of the European Union.
As a rule of thumb, an airline cannot be compelled to provide compensation in cases which either could not be prevented or for which it has taken all possible measures to prevent the event. Typically this applies to bad weather, airport personnel strikes, or heavy air traffic. For these cases, however, we have access to the flight database, where we can see what truly occurred and whether or not it indeed constituted extraordinary circumstances. We’ll be happy to look up your flight, all you have to do is enter it into our form.
Yes, we work on anything that can help our clients. We’ll therefore help you recoup from the airline any additional costs associated with your delayed or cancelled flight. All you have to do is upload your scanned receipts for food, drink, clothing, hygienic supplies, or hotel and transfer. Of course, you will need to bear in mind that items you didn’t need to purchase will not be reimbursed by the airline.
Yes, you can. Who you bought your ticket from, or which service caused the delay, are not important. The important thing is whether the flight itself fulfilled the parameters for potential compensation. This also applies to irregular flights (charter flights).
In certain cases the airline will require a copy of your passport or ID document in order to ensure that your case is not fraudulent.
Unfortunately, this is not enough. The airline will not begin communicating with us until they receive a signed power of attorney from us for each flight for which we are filing a claim. Nonetheless, for your comfort we have a pre-completed power of attorney for the specific flight, and all you need to do is to add your initials and sign it. Then you simply upload the power of attorney to our system. By submitting the power of attorney, you also consent to our General Business Conditions.
Your data is used solely for the purposes of negotiating with the airline. We will not share your data with anyone. What‘s more, you have the option to request the deletion of your account, along with all your data, at any time.
You can find the reference number in the itinerary included with your flight ticket; this is the code of your reservation. The most common include those used in the Galileo and Amadeus reservation systems, which have 6 characters (for example: DF0RDF, GGBR4S, AFG34C, etc.)
This is a document that was sent to you when you reserved your flight. Mostly this is provided in PDF format; here you can find all information about your flight, including the number of passengers and the reference number of your reservation.
With us there are no additional or hidden costs. The only fee you will pay is if we successfully obtain your compensation; in this case we will keep a service fee of 25% of the collected amount + VAT required by law.
It won‘t cost you anything. The only fee you will pay is if we successfully obtain your compensation; in this case we will keep , a service fee of 25% of the collected amount + VAT required by law.

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