Missing a connecting flight

Had a flight delayed for more than three hours, or had a delay cause you to miss your connecting flight? What are your rights and in what cases can you be awarded compensation for the delayed flight? What is the position of EU Regulation (EC) 261/2004 and what financial compensation can you get for a delayed flight and missed connecting flight?

Obtaining financial compensation for a missed connecting flight has similar conditions to those for obtaining compensation for a delayed flight. Nonetheless, there are certain specifics that differ and should be kept in mind. In order to claim damages, basic conditions must be met to obtain damages from the airline for the given flight.

  • length of delayed flight at final destination
  • whether this is a flight subject to EU Regulation (EC) 261/2004 or whether there are other options and forms of obtaining compensation (flight miles, gift vouchers).
  • whether all flights are under one reservation

Delays (at the target destination following prebooking and/or rerouting)

Distance Less than 2h   From 2h to 3h   From 3h to 4h   More than 4h
or no flight
took place at all  
Less than 1500km 0€ 0€ 250€ 250€
From 1500 km to 3500km 0€ 0€ 400€ 400€
More than 3500km 0€ 0€ 300€ 600€
Less than 1500km 125€ 250€ 250€ 250€
From 1500 km to 3500km 200€ 200€ 400€ 400€
More than 3500km 300€ 300€ 300€ 600€
Right to compensation associated with distance and length of delay at final destination

There are also supplemental conditions for obtaining possible financial damages:

  • distance from initial location and final destination for calculating the amount of your damages
  • the delayed flight that caused the missing of the connecting flight was caused by circumstances that the airline could or could not have controlled.

The combination of factors described above subsequently defines whether a potential claim for obtaining financial compensation has been incurred, and the amount thereof.

Definition of length of delayed flight

The length of the delay is calculated as the difference between the time of arrival at the final destination compared to the original planned time of arrival. To obtain compensation it is necessary to have a delayed flight a the final destination of at least three hours.

Arrivals table - examples where a claim to compensation arises, and when it does not

Arrivals 24.4.2018 17:05

departure time
departure time
Destination Flight Status Planned
arrival time
arrival time
Entitled to
14:05 14:05 Barcelona VY1291 On time 15:30 15:27 NO
14:30 15:30 London U23218 Delayed 15:55 16:33 NO
14:35 17:40 Paris AF293 Delayed 17:35 20:30 NO
15:00 17:55 Barcelona FR6303 Delayed 18:00 21:00 YES
15:30 19:00 Prague OK917 Delayed 18:30 21:35 YES
16:00 18:55 Copenhagen LO8821 Delayed 19:00 19:10 NO
16:05 16:05 London FR1517 On the way 19:05

Our tip:

In the event of a delayed flight, always take a photo of the arrivals table with the arrival time of your flight

Definition of whether or not a flight is subject to EU Regulation (EC) 261/2004

In order to claim compensation for delayed flight as part of the European Regulation, the flight must be operated by at least one of the following methods:

  • The flight must have taken place within the European Union or a member state (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland)
  • The departure location must be within the European Union or a member state
  • The flight is operated by an airline that has its registered office in the territory of the European Union or a member state
Europe flight routes

Definition of all flights under one reservation

In order to perceive the flights as connecting and not separate flights, it is necessary for the flights where compensation is being claimed for a missed connecting flight (the flight that caused the delay and the connecting flight that was missed) to be under one reservation number (a unique six-character combination of letters and/or numbers). In the event that this is not the case, these are considered independent flights and any compensation is viewed in this context. See the examples below:

Flight A and B under one reservation number

Flight A delayed by 1 hr, causing the missed connecting flight. The passenger reached their final destination with an alternative flight 6 hrs later.

Since both flights are under a single reservation number, the flights are viewed as one flight. Therefore, a delay of 6 hrs at the final destination and a claim was incurred for compensation.

Europe flight routes

ticket reservations

Flight A and B each have their own reservation numbers

Flight A delayed by 1 hr, causing the missed connecting flight. The passenger reached their final destination with an alternative flight 6 hrs later.

Since each flight has its own reservation, the flights are viewed as two separate flights. Flight A was delayed by 1 hr, therefore no claim was incurred. Flight B departed on time and was not delayed, so a claim was not incurred here either.

Europe flight routes

ticket reservations

Flights under one or more reservations have one other catch. If the flights are under a single reservation and a connecting flight is missed due to the previous flight, the airline must take care of you and must provide you with an alternate flight to your final destination at their own cost. If this is not the case and the flights each have their own reservation, the airline need not concern themselves either with an alternative flight or with accommodations. You will have to provide all of this at your own expense – that is, not only accommodations but also another ticket to your final destination.

Our tip:

Carefully examine your reservation and verify that this was indeed a single reservation. It’s not altogether uncommon that during the purchase of your ticket everything looks like a single reservation, but in reality it is not. If you are not sure, go to the counter of the company and verify your flight. Different reservations tend to occur with sellers like kiwi.com and azair.cz. We recommend going through this already at the time of your purchase; you will thereby avoid resulting difficulties and increased costs when waiting for the next possible flight.

The definition of flight distance for determining the amount of your compensation for delayed flights

If you meet the main conditions regarding length of delay and jurisdiction of the flight as part of the EU Regulation, your next step will be to specify the maximum amount of compensation for the delayed flight. This amount is defined on the basis of the distance between the departure location and the final destination as part of a single reservation. Please note: this distance does not include any stopovers or transfers during the course of the trip. It consists solely of the shortest distance between the initial departure city and the final destination. All as shown below:

250 € up to 1 500 km

Prague Paris
Bratislava London
Prague Brussels

400 € from 1 501 km up to 3 500 km

Brno Madrid
Prague Moscow
Bratislava Lisbon

600 € over 3 501 km

Prague New York
Vienna Tokyo
Prague Dubai

Example of distance without stopover Prague - London

  • Distance 1047 KM (Example No.1)

Example of distance of new alternative flight
Prague - Vienna - London

  • Distance Prague - Vienna 278KM
  • Distance Vienna - London 1279 KM
  • Total distance 1557 KM (Example No. 2)

The calculation of distance is based on the shortest distance between the initial departure location and final destination, in this example, 1 – 1047 KM

Europe flight routes

Other options for obtaining compensation for delayed flights that are not subject to EU regulations

Compensation can be obtained for flights that are not subject to EU Regulations or are not operated by air carriers with registered office in the EU. The amount of the compensation varies on an individual basis and conforms either to the legislation of the given country or the terms and conditions of the given air carrier. At the same time, the form and amount of any compensation varies and can consist of a financial value or of damages in the form of flight miles or bonus or gift vouchers.

Definition of extraordinary circumstances

In order for the airline to be obligated to pay you financial compensation for your delayed flight, this cannot consist of extraordinary circumstances that could not have been prevented by the airline. If this is the case, the airline is released in these circumstances of any obligation to pay compensation.?In all other cases you are entitled to obtain your financial compensation for the delayed flight.

Situations categorized as extraordinary circumstances:

Bad weather
Strike by
a third party
Restriction of
air traffic

A summary of the conditions for obtaining compensation for a missed connecting flight

In order to successful win damages for a delay given the missed connecting flight, you must obtain the maximum information both about the delay itself, as well as the reasons for the delay that caused you to miss the connecting flight. In the event that the airline does not communicate with you, it will be necessary to use legal help and compel the airline to obtain your compensation through legal actions. Here is a list of conditions you must meet in order to be eligible for compensation, including the benefits of and reasons you should choose our services.

Why ask for compensation with a company instead of doing it yourself?

On your own

exhausting and small chance for success

minimal costs

without detailed
information about flight
it is unclear what the
chances are for success

success rate only 5-10%


no legal support


fast and simple

fast, simple, and effortless

success rate 95%

you pay only if successful

experienced legal representative

all information about flights

submitting a request only lasts a few minutes

verify flight

Legal help

expensive and unclear

without detailed information
about flight it is unclear what the chances are
for success


highly costly

Our advice at the end

Regardless of whether you turn out to be entitled to financial compensation from the airline depending on the circumstances and causes of your delayed flight, the airline must take care of you at the site of the delay. It is their obligation to provide you with refreshments and provide you with the option to make a phone call or send an email. This does not apply in cases when the flight will be delayed up to two hours and allows you to board the plane (for distances of up to 1500 km) or three hours (for distances above 1500 km). If the airline can’t manage to prevent the delay on the given day, it is obligated to provide you with accommodations with transport to the hotel and back. If this should fail to happen, definitely keep all receipts for expenses you incurred due to the unexpected delay for later claimed reimbursement from the air carrier.

Our tip:

Print our assistance card for unforeseeable circumstances at the airport and you will always be prepared to defend your rights

Assistance card



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