Air France vs. ClaimCloud – result of suit over the amount of compensation for a connecting flight

We always fight for the rights of our clients. We have currently won a suit for our client against Air France, where our client was simply paid the part of the compensation to which he was entitled from our perspective. This consisted of the cancellation of a connecting flight where the distance was less than 1500 km.

Air France vs. ClaimCloud – result of suit over the amount of compensation for a connecting flight

We have written previously in one of our articles about the situation with reservation numbers (Treacherous reservations) and how individual or connecting flights are viewed. As a quick reminder, the amount of any compensation for a delayed flight or canceled flight is determined based on the distance of the given flight. For a connecting flight, or rather several connecting flights, the amount of compensation or payment should be determined on the basis of the origin and destination airports. One condition, however, is that all the given flights must be under a single airline reservation number.

In the past our client had given us a request regarding a flight by Air France from Havana to Prague, where the journey consisted of flights AF943 (Havana – Paris) and AF1582 (Paris – Prague). Both flights were under a single reservation number, and thus the condition was met for the definition of “Connecting Flight”. The flight from Havana took place with no problems and in accordance with the flight plan, and yet the flight from Paris to Prague was canceled by Air France. This flight cancellation was not due to extenuating circumstances, and our client was therefore entitled to compensation from our perspective, as the second basic condition was also met, namely a delay at the destination airport of over three hours.

Our company therefore lodged a claim on behalf of our client for compensation from Air France for the delayed flight in the amount of EUR 600 per person given that the distance of the entire journey from Havana to Prague is more than 3500 km. Air France acknowledged our claim for compensation, but only in the amount of EUR 250 per person, on the grounds that the flight from Havana to Paris took place in good order and the problem was only with the flight from Paris to Prague, which is less than 1500 km in distance.

Our company did not agree with this position and decided to initiate a court dispute with Air France as part of our fight for the rights of our clients. The court proceedings took place last week, when the court granted our client full compensation in the amount of EUR 600. The judgment has already taken effect and cannot be appealed. This once again confirmed that in the case of multiple flights with a single reservation number, distance is taken into account and the amount of compensation or payment is determined according to the departure location and destination of the entire city, regardless of which segment experienced the problem.

And so our client will be paid out the remaining difference in compensation of EUR 350 per person. What's more, our services are set up in such a way that any costs from the suit are borne by our company – in other words, our client will pay nothing extra for the court proceedings and legal representation.

If you too have been affected by a delayed flight, canceled flight, or missed connecting flight in the past, and you would like us to win compensation or reimbursement of costs for improperly operated flights of up to EUR 600 per person, enter your problem flight into our form here and we will be happy to take on your case. If you'd also like to save time and you're preparing to fly somewhere, our free Future Flight Watchservice will cover your needs. Simply register your future flight using our online form and we will keep an eye on it for you free of charge. After the flight takes place we will inform you as to whether the flight does or doesn't qualify for a claim of compensation.

17. 5. 2019 ClaimCloud
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