Got enough time to make your connecting flight? Better make sure...

Have you got enough time to transfer between flights at the airport? What are the connection times recommended for the given airport? If you don't have enough time to make your connection, a flight that arrives even a few minutes late can result in several hours’ worth of unpleasant delays. Below is a list of the most commonly used airports in Europe along with the minimum guaranteed connection times.

Got enough time to make your connecting flight? Better make sure...

Each airport has a “minimum connection time”, or the least amount of time guaranteed for you to make your connecting flight. This information is good to bear in mind when buying tickets. It often happens that ticket sellers will offer connections so close together that even a few minutes of delay to one flight means that a passenger will de facto have no chance of making the connecting flight.

In the best case scenario you will have bought your flights under a single reservation (learn more in the article Treacherous reservations), where a delay to your incoming flight means that you will wait several hours for the next connecting flight, but at least you won't have to incur additional expenses for a new ticket. This can get you when buying connecting flight tickets under different reservations. Buying airline tickets on the day of departure is anything but a cheap matter.

You should therefore consider purchasing flights in such a way that your connecting flight meets the guaranteed minimum connection time, and better yet, that a time buffer is built into this guaranteed time in the event of a delay. We recommend at least an extra hour. Here we’ve put together a list of the most widely used airports in Europe, along with their minimum guaranteed connection times. 

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