Taking a trip by air? We’ll watch your flight for free and even pay you for it....

For the 2018 season we’ve prepared a unique service for you to use on trips where we can keep an eye on your flight from afar – and on top of that, we’ll give you CZK 100. Now you won't have to hunt for the information of whether or not you are entitled to monetary compensation in the amount of EUR 250–600 per person. Simply register your flight using our form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Taking a trip by air? We’ll watch your flight for free and even pay you for it....

Along with the information and news articles we distribute regularly from the world of compensation in our Articles section, we are always looking for find and create new services and functionality to offer our clients. Services that can help passengers on trips and facilitate solutions to unexpected situations such as a delayed flight or cancelled flight, whether right at the airport or after returning home.

Because we often hear the following comment from our clients: „If I'd only known when I was still at the airport, I would have handled the situation completely differently…”, we’ve launched our automated voice system on the phone for whenever we aren't available in person. By selecting your problem, you will always receive information about how to act in a given situation, what you're entitled to, and what to make sure of. So if you’re at the airport and don't know what to do, or you aren't sure what you're entitled to, call us at 00420 777 993 788and you can either talk to us directly or get the information you need from our automated voice system.

Another new development for the 2018 season is the launch of our service FUTURE FLIGHT WATCH, which we currently have available only via certain select partners. As a passenger with our FUTURE FLIGHT WATCH service you don't have to worry about whether or not your flight is subject to EU regulations, whether the duration of the delay meets the requirements, or whether or not your flight was delayed or cancelled or due to extenuating circumstances. We will keep watch over all circumstances of your flight and notify you automatically if you become entitled to possible monetary compensation.Because this service is very popular, we decided to offer this service to all our clients and now any of our customers can take advantage of it.

How the service works 
Enter the flight number and date of your flight into our online form here (don't forget to add your connecting or return flight as well), then select the WATCH FUTURE FLIGHT service (see images) and we will keep an eye on your flight remotely to see how it goes. What's more, this service is not binding in any way. That means that once we give you the information, you can decide yourself whether or not to use our services to collect your monetary compensation for delayed or cancelled flight.


The cherry on top is that we’ve prepared compensation of EUR 4 any time we inform you that an upcoming flight you’ve entered meets the conditions for monetary compensation. There are no other conditions. Simply enter your upcoming flight and let us keep watch over it. If everything goes as planned, you will be informed that no claim was incurred. In the event that we inform you that a potential claim was incurred for monetary compensation, we will automatically send a reward of EUR 4 to your bank account number.

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