Obtaining compensation without deduction and EUR 20 for a delayed flight even if the compensation cannot be claimed?

You do not want to pay deduction from delayed / cancelled flight / missed subsequent flight compensation? You want to be sure that even if you cannot claim compensation due to extraordinary circumstances you get at least partial cash balance in return? There is nothing easier than that if you order our Smart Assistant service.

Obtaining compensation without deduction and EUR 20 for a delayed flight even if the compensation cannot be claimed?

In the area of service offer we keep trying to push boundaries and offer new or adapted services for ever increasing benefits to our clients. That is why we have recently launched a new section of our web site with the Smart Assistant service offer. This revolutionary service is unparalleled on the market. Our Smart Assistant offers benefits you will not get elsewhere. See for yourself what our Smart Assistant offers you:

  • Assistant services for an unlimited number of flights for a single fee, for a month or for a year according to each traveller´s preferences
  • Obtaining compensation for any problem governed by EC261 legislation, without any customer-payable deduction and any other charges
  • A rebate from purchase of the service for two travellers up and progressive rebate up to 45 % of the basic price in the case of the monthly variant and even 54 % in the case of the yearly variant (for the service price list see here)
  • Assistance service in case of delayed, damaged or lost luggage within the basic charge
  • Guarantee of repurchase of your claim worth EUR 20 if we are unable to obtain compensation for your case entrusted to us for one-off price of EUR 2

At the time of continuing issues with Boeing MAX airplane earthing, at the time of problematic weather fluctuations faced by light operation and including hurricanes or floods, or at the time of coronavirus-related restrictions, acquisition of our Smart Assistant will pay back more than at any other time. In addition, our Smart Assistant application is unlimited with regard to flight destinations. That is, whether the flight is governed by EC261 regulation or not, our flight assistant guarantees repurchase of your claim worth EUR 20 whenever your flight delay exceeds 3 hours and we are unable to get compensation for a delayed flight for you.

Another positive advantage of our Smart Assistant is the fact that it is not insurance and that means that you can simultaneously claim insurance coverage from your travel insurance, if you have one. If you are about to fly, do not hesitate and order our Smart Assistant, from EUR 8 for the monthly variant for a three-member family up. Use the service with the best value on the market. If you are a frequent flyer, whether you fly on business or for fun, order our yearly Smart Assistant for an unlimited number of flights you take in that year, from EUR 24 for one traveller up. If you have not yet taken a firm decision, visit our web site for future flights where you can have your future flight guarded for free to effortlessly find out whether you are entitled for compensation or not.

Examples of pay-outs if you purchase a Smart Assistant:
Purchased Smart Assistant for two travellers for a month for EUR 6 + 2 for repurchase guarantee
A married couple travelled by air twice and in the case of the first flight they became entitled for compensation in the amount of EUR 600 per person. There was no claim in the case of the second flight for the destination was outside the EU.

The couple received compensation in the amount of EUR 1,200 credited to their bank account for the first flight. For using the Smart Assistant, the couple received the amount of EUR 1,200 net without any further charges. For the second flight the same couple received EUR 20 for repurchased claim, as the flight was more than 3 hours delayed but the compensation could not be claimed (no right for compensation was constituted – the flight destination was outside the EU).

Without Smart Assistant purchase the couple would have paid standard client-payable deduction in the first case in the amount of 25 % + V.A.T. of the compensation amount and in the second case they would have received nothing for the flight was not governed by the European regulation EC261 rules. The couple therefore initially paid EUR 8 for a Smart Assistant for two travellers for a month and obtained several hundreds EUR more than without this service.

You can order your Smart Assistant service here right away.

9. 3. 2020 ClaimCloud
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